Private  Hurdle Coach & HHT owner, Richard Holmes believes, although many understand the “basics” of hurdling, it’s the “slight nuances” of the discipline which produce top athletic performances.

Hurdling is an extremely specific skill set.
To become a proficient hurdler, summer & fall months must be dedicated to the discipline, to gain the advantage on their opponents. Once track season arrives, it may be too late!

No such thing as “cookie cutter” technique!
While the “basics” of the hurdling discipline are constant, every hurdler should develop their “own style”, based on their specific body build and body design. Varying sizes in upper-torsos, arm and legs lengths affect each hurdlers technique. 

The "Eye" of a true HURDLE COACH is a must!
There are many on the internet who provide insightful advice, great workout plans, videos, books, etc. All of which are extremely helpful, to say the least. Coach Holmes admits to reading what others are doing in the hurdle world and has incorporated some of that information into his own workouts. As the saying goes, “There’s more than one road to China!”   But nothing can replace a hurdle coach who understands the demands of the event and the challenges it has to offer. During a workout the sharp-eye of a proven hurdle professional & proven leader, is a must.

Working with the High School / College Hurdler
HHT is not in the business of "stealing" athletes away from their perspective programs. Because quality hurdle coaching is tough to find at the high school and some college levels, HHT’s ONLY goal is to provide quality training to enhance the hurdle-skills of each hurdler we work with. Parents and student-athletes, who contact HHT for additional hurdle training, may want to discuss this training with their coaches to better maximize their workouts.  HHT firmly believes that in the long run, the HHT hurdle program will only enhance each schools overall hurdling program.

You are only as fast as your TECHnique will allow you to be
​​​If a hurdler has 10.5 foot speed in the 100m, but only hurdles 13.9 in the 110H, that is a clear indication their technique cannot handle their speed. This MUST be addressed.

The goal of HHT
To develop each hurdlers “own style” and improve athletic performance. Coach Holmes offer his knowledge to hurdlers who strive to improve to the next stage of High School, Collegiate, or Elite levels.

We Believe

If one is blessed with talents,
TECHnique will enhance the performance of those talents.

If one is blessed with minimal talent, but blessed with great work ethics,
TECHnique will be the equalizer, to maximize those talents within.

TECHnique is the Trump card to athletic & personal greatness!