Jon Gilmer, has been Coach Holmes’ sprint mentor for the past 12 years and is the Sprint Consultant who handles a majority of the sprint portion of the HHT program.  Coach Gilmer’s sprint philosophy is simple, eloquent & to the point, "TECHnique is the vehicle through which SPEED flows.”

“I teach, ingraining proper sprint mechanics through neuro-muscular development; teaching athletes to fire muscles in a sequential pattern, facilitating a more efficient and faster run.”

Coach Gilmer’s sprint & agility instruction not only applies to track and field, but to all speed & agility based sports, including Soccer, Football, Baseball, Volleyball and Tennis.

As a Coach / Teacher, Gilmer believes sprinting & agility ARE skills which can be taught. If an athlete is able to perform the movements of  sprint & agility TECHnique correctly, speed will come.

About Coach Gilmer


Coach Gilmer competed for collegiate track & field powerhouse, LSU, in the 100m & 200m. He went on to compete internationally and trained with world and national record holders from the 100m - 400m. In 1995, he qualified for the U.S. Indoor Nationals in the 60m, with the apex of Gilmer’s career highlighted in 1997-98, when he qualified for U.S. National Championships. Coach Gilmer continues to train, while continuing his never ending quest to further the hopes & desires of those who crave SPEED!