“Richard is a hurdler’s hurdle coach. His vast knowledge of hurdle styles, types and techniques makes him one of only a handful of emerging elite coaches. His knowledge as a former National Ranked hurdler lends to why he has a great technical eye and is testament to why the athletes training under him continue to enjoy unparalleled success. If you want to become better in the hurdles, there is no discussion, Richard Holmes is your man!”

Tonie Campbell
1988 Bronze Medalist 110 HH, 3 –Time U.S. Olympian,
Chairman, USATF Men’s Development

"Coach Holmes is amazing. Our daughter was running well, but his
individualized training took her to the next level. 2009 & 2010 US High School
#1 100 hurdles (13.33) and 300 hurdles (40.44), CIF and State Championships in both the
100 and 300 hurdles. To top it off, the Silver Medal at the World Youth
Championships in Italy (13.26 - 2009)."

Bruce  & Lina Carter

​​When I look over my track career and all of my successes, I realize that I have always been blessed with great coaches. Wanting to take my hurdling to the next level, my dad and I looked for a new coach and found Richard Holmes literally around the corner.

Over my high school career, Coach Holmes helped me become a more dominant hurdler and runner, while pushing me to achieve more than I ever dreamed. A hurdler fanatic, I was glad I had a coach that was just as excited about my event as me. We worked tirelessly to become the most technically proficient high school hurdler in the Nation while increasing my speed and strength.

I won many championships and broke several records training under Coach Holmes. But most importantly, Coach Holmes helped me attain a scholarship to the college of my dreams – Stanford University. The work I did with him prepared me for the rigors of collegiate athletics and helped make the transition from high school to college an easy one.

​​Even when I left, Coach Holmes still provided support and assistance for me, continuing to help me achieve my dreams. Above all of the services he has provided to me, I value most the relationship we have developed - since, becoming his athlete I have always felt like I am part of Coach Holmes’ family. I know I would not be standing here today a professional runner for Nike, NCAA champion and collegiate record holder if it wasn’t for the base I got from Coach Holmes.

Kori Carter
Professional World Class Hurdler - Nike / Air Jordan Brand
IAAF World Champion - 400H​
USATF National Champion - 400H​
NCAA Champion & Collegiate Record Holder - 400H

Coach Holmes started working with my daughter her junior year of high school, one week before she planned on running at Chandler rotary. My daughter had been hurdling for several years and even had national youth records at the time. Although she had what some would say was success, there was still something missing. Her goals and admirations were still unmet. Although many would say was good, she still needed a lot of work.

As parents we noticed small things and imperfections that we felt could be corrected and aspired perfection. Coach Holmes embraced our daughter and got to work. He had observed her on occasion as a youth and was very happy to be working with her. Though she was trained by several different hurdle coaches no one took the time to correct her mistakes with the goals of making her a great hurdler. They were happy with the win.

Coach Holmes vision was to perfect her race and bring the best out of her. The first season ended well of course, not as any of us expected, but still well. He got to know our daughter; he corrected her imperfections and focused in technique, technique, technique. Going into my daughter senior year, she and Coach Holmes were very comfortable working together. She had some goals in mind and Coach Holmes tailored a training regimen to achieve just that. He pushed my daughter and demanded excellence.
Because of his dedication, expertise and support my daughter not only worked on mastering her craft in her event she took on an even hard one.

​​Coach Holmes trained my daughter to be the best. Her first invitational out she demolished the goal she had set for herself. Therefore, Coach Holmes went back and readjusted her training cycle to be even better. With his dedication , there calibration and her hard work, she achieve both her goals. It was not easy! A lot of training, hard work, discipline and pain but she did it and we are forever grateful to a wonderful coach and a lifelong friend. You are a part of the family now and were so appreciative and grateful for all your time and dedication to bring the best of my daughter.

As a result of his efforts, she has received a scholarship to run track and University of Southern California (USC) NEXT YEAR. My daughter’s hard work and your training, mentoring and coaching have been instrumental in her success.

She has the 100H record for Arcadia with a 13.21
She won two state titles 100h 13.17 and the 300h 40.73.

​​She ended her senior season undefeated and maintained the national leading time in both events. She received the California Gatorade Athlete of the year for girls track and also received the National High School Coaches Association female athlete of the year award for girls track.
I can go on and one, forever grateful. You are an amazing coach!!!!

Thomas & Tamisha Graham​​

I first met Coach Holmes in 2010 when running at the Fresno Run for the Dream track meet at Fresno State.

I had talked with my coach prior to the race and wanted to run the meet in the Pro Section to give me some experience running with faster athletes. This also gave me the opportunity to race against Coach Holmes. After the race he gave me a few tips and for the rest of that indoor season I took into consideration and really tried to hone in on while practicing and competing.

The tips that Coach Holmes presented me with got me to my fastest indoor 60 hurdle time which at that point was a 7.96. During my run at the NAIA indoor nationals I wound up tearing my hamstring in the semi-final race and was not able to truly compete outdoors. After taking a year off to try and recover and heal my hamstring I returned to competition and was not able to run anything faster than 7.90’s in the 60 hurdles and took second place at NAIA indoor championships. I then set my focus to outdoor and the 110 meter high hurdles and during this time I had not contact with Coach Holmes and was only running low 13.9 races.

I was blessed enough to encounter him at Mt Sac Relays in Walnut, Ca. and get his contact information while en route to running my fastest time to date a 13.78. Again, I injured my hamstring and was not able to run to my full potential that season. After a transfer from my college at the end of the season, I went to attend Sterling College in KS. While attending, I had a problem with transferring to a smaller school as there was no hurdle coach. I asked my head coach if I would be able to contact Coach Holmes for workouts and weight regiments, to which he agreed. I contacted Coach Holmes over the internet and he asked to see video of my practices and immediately upon receiving my footage he began to break my form down where I was weak, where I was strong and where I could get better at.

During this time I saw my reaction time become faster, my technique became more sound and I just began to run faster over the hurdles. I went to NAIA nationals with having only ran a 55 hurdle race and with the little time Coach Holmes invested in me, I was able to run the first two rounds in 7.90’s and the final round I ran 7.87 -- while smashing into what seemed to be every hurdle. I continued on with Coach Holmes’ training program and was able to run the fastest time I had ever run early in the season at the KU relays and I won with a 13.82. I continued my season running 13 second races while continuing to work on my technique and won the NAIA outdoor championships and also qualified for the USA outdoor championships.

Cedrique Smith
2009 110m hurdle NAIA National Champion
2009 110m hurdle GSAC Champion
2009 400m hurdle GSAC Champion
2012 60m hurdle Fresno Run for the Dream Champion
2012 60m hurdle NAIA National Runner Up
2012 110m hurdle NAIA National Champion
2012 110m hurdle GSAC Champion
2013 60m hurdle KCAC Champion
2013 60m hurdle NAIA National Runner Up
2013 110m hurdle KCAC Champion
2013 400m hurdle KCAC Champion
2013 110m hurdle NAIA National Champion
2013 Kansas Relays Champion
2013 USA outdoor Championships Qualifier

​​​"Coach Holmes started working with my daughter, (attends UC Berkeley) 100 meter hurdler, the late summer of 2009. Coach Holmes was referred to us by her cousin, Tonie Campbell. The 1st time I spoke with Coach Holmes, he got on the computer as we spoke looked at video of some my daughter's past races and became very exited about her potential and how he could help her. We set up training with coach dreading the long drive from Malibu to Claremont. However, after arriving I knew it was well worth the drive because of his research. I was impressed that he took the time to study her before meeting her in order to recognize her strength's and weakness -- something that some may take for granted. To date (still mid-season), my daughter has pr'd in the 100 meters from 12.66 to 12.34, and 100h from 14.01 to 13.91 and we believe there is a lot more to come. Thanks Richard!"

Derek Truluck

"Dear Richard

I wanted to send you this letter to thank you for the work you have done with our daughter.  Since she has been working under your program, she has significantly changed her approach to hurdling and has grown as an athlete tremendously.
Your approach to the training and the process you have utilized is what all hurdlers should follow.
Her race times have reflected the improvment and she has become a competitive athlete who understands the subtleties of hurdling.
Your teaching will not only show her what she can accomplish, but will give her a competitive edge for the rest of her life.
She is looking forward to her training this summer and I cannot wait to continue watching her progress!
Thanks for being such a great coach!"

Pierre Keyser 

Coach Holmes is a Miracle worker!

“Our son was a good runner but had not achieved his full potential, until he trained under Coach Holmes. He was able to motivate and improve our son’s ability as a sprinter. It was amazing to witness our son become stronger, faster and more confident as a runner in just one season.

Coach Holmes’s knowledge of track and field and overall conditioning was impressive. He personally developed a specific strengthening and sprinting program for our son and guided him step by step. Coach Holmes was hands on with our son in the off season and during the regular season.

I only wished that we would have met the Coach sooner. Our son’s was able to improve his times drastically.

Thanks to Coach Holmes, our son completed his senior track season with a bang! He broke two high school records in the 200 (21.77) & 400 (48.27), competed in the CIF Finals & Master’s, and was invited to run track for a Division I college next season.”

Don’t neglect your child’s opportunities. It has become so competitive in sports and if your child wants to reach their full potential trust Coach Holmes. His dedication, commitment and professionalism were priceless. 

Oscar Scott 

Dear Coach Holmes,

My son played basketball in both his freshman and sophomore years at Claremont High School
before deciding that he wanted to run track in his junior year. His initial foray into track and field was
met with limited success. He and I felt that he could do much better, but there were too many
athletes dividing the track coaches' attention. He also felt that the coaches were competent in a general
sense, but lacked expertise in sprinting to get him to the next level.

Through my son's teammates, he became aware of your services. I learned that you were the private
coach of one of the all-time great female hurdlers, who was the high school California State champion in hurdles and is currently running track at Stanford on scholarship. I learned of your personal track accomplishments and your technical knowledge of sprinting and hurdles, and I was very impressed.

I decided to sign up my son in February to work with you before the track season began. During the
offseason,  you worked on his conditioning, use of the blocks, and sprint mechanics. Once the track season began, I also appreciated the impromptu consultations you gave my son to continue refining his

With your physical and mental coaching, my son's senior track season has been an overwhelming
success. He significantly improved his times in the 100 and 200 meter races while improving on his
junior year personal best in the 200.

He qualified for the Southern Section Division 2 Preliminaries in the 100-meter, 200-meter,4x100-meter, and 4x400-meter races, and set a new school record in the 200 meter
race with a time of 21.61 seconds.

As a result of his efforts, he has received a scholarship to run track at UC Santa Barbara next year. My son's hard work and your training, mentoring, and coaching have been instrumental in his success.

I want to thank you for your time and dedication. As a coach, you have given my son the technical skills
that he needs to be a good sprinter, but you have also given him intangibles that sometimes are hard to
give as a parent. Thank you, and I wish you the best in your future coaching endeavors.


Larry Aiken 

Dear Richard

I'm so happy to have you as my daughter's coach.  She's very fortunate to gain from your experience, training and guidance.  This post season time is very important and holds much promise...


Steve McCormack

This man is amazing!

My name is Austin Cramer from Ione, CA, near Sacramento. I first came to Coach Holmes on recommendation just before my sophomore track season began. It was worth every penny of gas, food, hotel, and costs that went into it. After just three days of training with him, I was a completely different hurdler. I finally knew what I was doing, and that increased my confidence tremendously. After my first visit my mom used everything she learned from Coach Holmes to coach me back at home. Not only did my hurdles improve, but my sprints did as well. I dropped almost a full second in my 100m Dash in just a year. We were blessed enough to be able to go down and train with him again for a week just before my senior season started. From there we set a goal for the state finals. After using his techniques and workouts all season I ran a personal best of 14.24 at the State Championship prelims, and took seventh in the finals running a 14.44, of which I know was not the best I could do. I am currently a student-athlete at Brigham Young University (BYU), and will be running the hurdles, all thanks to the training and experience I gained from Coach Holmes. He has increased my athletic ability and confidence so much that I will try to convince my coach to put me into decathlon for my BYU Track & Field career, and I have even contemplated working towards the Olympics in 2016 and/or 2020. He is not only an outstanding hurdle trainer, but he is also an outstanding person. He has always been up beat and excited, as he has trained me over the last few years. He and I have created a strong brotherly bond that will last forever as we have worked together and talked together, and I know that he does that with all his athletes. He has basically become a part of my family as this bond has grown. I am so blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to know him both personally and as a coach. He has helped bless my life in many ways, both on and off the track. And for that, I thank you Coach Holmes.

Here is a list of my track accomplishments since my first training session with Coach Holmes:
-Three time Mother-Lode League Champion in the 110HH (two time league record holder)(2010-2012)
-Two-time MLL Champion in the 300IH, 100m Dash, and 4x100m Relay. (2011-2012)
-MLL Champion in the 4x400m Relay (2012)
-3rd in Sac-Joaquin Section Divisionals in the 110HH (2010)
-2nd in SJS Divisionals in the 110HH and 300IH(2011)
-SJS Masters Finalist the 110HH (2011)
-SJS Divisional Champion in the 110HH and the 300IH (2012)
-SJS Divisional Finalist in the 4x400m Relay (2012)
-SJS Masters Qualifier in the 100m Dash and 4x100m Relay (2012)
-SJS Masters Finalist in the 300IH (2012)
-SJS Masters Champion in the 110HH (2012)
-7th in the CIF State Championships in the 110HH (2012)
-Fifth best legal time in California in the 110HH (2012)
-Invited to represent Northern California on the high school USA Track & Field team in Australia (2012)
-Committed to the BYU Men's Track team (2012)

Thank you for everything you have done for me brotha :)

Austin Cramer
BYU Track and Field Athlete

I started training with Coach Holmes because of how well he interacted with his athletes and
his knowledge as a HURDLE coach. I was an NCAA Division 1 400 meter hurdler and I can
tell when a coach knows the event. His technical knowledge is out of this world and I love his
persistence in making sure you learn it the right way. He has the ability to identify a technical
error and effectively communicate the solution. But Coach Holmes brings a lot more to coaching,
he brings passion and love for the sport. He will give 150% to his athletes just because that's
the kind of guy he is.
I am grateful for you Coach Holmes!

Lorraine King
Former Washington State Track & Field Hurdler,
Professional 400m Hurdler

I would like to write a letter of support for Richard Holmes. My involvement with
him began when my daughter was a junior at high school. Although she had been doing
track for a number of years she had never hurdled. Coach Holmes took on the challenge
to teach her to hurdle. After a period of about a year, she went from being an absolute
beginner who did not know how to even run the hurdles into an accomplished hurdler.
He is extremely professional in all aspects and I was impressed by his knowledge
and wide-ranging experience regarding track. His method of teaching is progressive,
thorough and stimulating for the athletes. He is dedicated to coaching hurdles and I
believe is extremely passionate about it. I believe he lives and breathes hurdling and is
somewhat philosophical about it. Part of his success is that he was an accomplished
hurdler himself.

He also has a good rapport with these student athletes and instills a sense of belonging
and confidence in them. He was dedicated and I was impressed at the hours he would
keep. He always seemed available to coach.

My daughter loved his coaching sessions. He was able to motivate her and instill a
philosophy in her about being an athlete and showed how running hurdles can translate
into other aspects of one’s life. Coach Holmes is extremely good and almost motivated
me to start running in the masters program. I highly recommend him.

Rodney Mason. MD PhD

​​Dear Coach Holmes

Thank you very much for all of your help with our daughter, Rosie. She has run track since elementary school and, has always shown good potential and has always done the hurdles. With your help, Rosie has finally fulfilled her potential and has become an excellent hurdler. Your attention to detail and your ability to inspire her have made a huge difference in her running.

This year Rosie broke the school record (Claremont College) in the 100m hurdles, and your coaching played a big role in her accomplishment. Our only regret is that we did not meet you earlier, because you truly have made a difference in Rosie’s life. She has improved her athletic abilities, but more importantly, with your encouragement, Rosie has matured and become more focused on many other aspects of her life.

Thanks again for all of your help with Rosie and congratulations on the great work you have done with so many other athletes. Good luck in all of your future efforts, and keep up the great work in making such an important difference in the lives of so many people.


Randall W. Lewis
Executive Vice President
Lewis Operating Corp.


My name is Christine Cooney. I live in Virginia. When my 11-year-old son first started to learn how to hurdle, I wanted him to work with a coach who knew what he was doing. I started to search for a good hurdling coach by asking people and looking over the Internet. All I could find was Coach Holmes’ web site in California and could not understand why Coach Holmes was the only private hurdle coach I could find.

​​It’s now been 2 years since I first saw Coach Holmes’ web site and my son has been working with a coach in my area… Now I understand why I could not find another private hurdle coach on the internet, because no one else is needed!  

Coach Holmes is not just an out-of-this-world coach; he also has an amazing personality! It was a lot of fun and a great pleasure to have him work with my son. His knowledge, attention to detail, passion for his work and for this sport, is striking.

I want to be clear. My son did not work with Coach Holmes for those past two years, because of the unfortunate difference in our locations. I decided to make a cross-country trip this summer (2013) and it
was WORTH IT!  My son has gained more knowledge about hurdling techniques during our 2.5 days of work (5 sessions) with Coach Holmes, than he has learned in the past two years of training with other coaches.

Will we travel again to California, so my son can have more sessions with Coach Holmes? ABSOLUTLY! My son has a long road in mastering this sport and with the help of Coach Holmes, I believe my son can become the athlete he dreams to be.


Christine Cooney
Virginia Beach, Virginia​

Hi, this is Christine Cooney again.

Last summer I brought my 13 year old son all way from Virginia for 5 sessions of training with Coach Holmes. I was so impressed with the work he did with my son that we came here again for a week of training during my son's spring break.
My son didn't hurdle or regular practiced for a while before coming here. He lost his confidence as a hurdler. Coach Holmes did an absolutely amazing job getting my son "back on track" by improving his technique. My son believes in himself again.
It doesn't matter how good coaching my son can get in our area; the sessions with Coach Holmes are absolute MUST!
We will be coming here as long as Coach Holmes is willing to work with my son. I am seriously thinking about moving into the area so my son can have Coach Holmes as his regular trainer.


Christine Cooney
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me to help me get in. Without you I wouldn't be where I am. You really have helped me become a sprinter and have always believed in me. I owe much of my success to you and when I win titles one day, I haven't forgotten, you will be the first one I credit and thank. I love you Coach!

I am so glad that I have not only gained a coach, but a part of my family as well! You will always be a part of who I am! You have taught me to believe in myself and I am determined to take those Claremont College records; I'm glad I have you here to cheer me on and support me through it all! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!

​​I appreciate you!

Brittany Griffin
(Soon to be Freshman at Claremont College​)

Coach Holmes is the BEST!!

We were looking for a hurdle coach this past off-season for our son, Nicholas, to prepare him for his high school senior season. He was only able to race twice at the end of his junior year due to a football injury that year and that required close to a full year of rehab. Nicholas’ previous 110HH PR was 15.69 and 300IH PR was 41.90, but we knew that he had the ability to go faster.

Fortunately, we found Coach Richard Holmes! I’ve been coaching youth sports for 15+ years and have been exposed to many different trainers/coaches for our 5 kids over the years. With no disrespect to the other coaches that have been great, Coach Holmes has been the best… hands down! Within 30 minutes of our first conversation on the phone to set up our first training session, Coach had already found video of Nicholas online, started to break down his technique and texted me with specific techniques for him to work on! Coach has a unique passion for his craft, a sincere desire to help his athletes become their best, and the ability to connect with his athletes as a true mentor. Richard is truly incredible and we highly recommend him if your athlete wants to get to the next level.

This past indoor season Nicholas made it to the California State Indoor High School Meet in the 55HH with a PR of 7.78

So far, this current outdoor season Nicholas has dropped his 110HH PR down to 14.71 and his 300IH PR down to 39.55. He is the top hurdler for both events in his league and is one of the top hurdlers in CIF Div. 1 in our region.

Nicholas plans to run track next year in college and we owe an enormous THANK YOU to Coach Holmes for helping him fulfill that goal!


Brian Rack
Murrieta, Ca.

June 19, 2015

Dear Coach Richard Holmes,

We the Austin Family just wanted to write and thank you for all the coaching and support you have given to our son, Isaiah, on and off Track season. For just a few months of him training with you, Isaiah’s improvement was undeniable, evident on his record and performance. Isaiah reached a level of confidence and knowledge he thought he never have. The tremendous improvement with his skills, technique and speed in Hurdle has earned him the Top Record in Hurdle which he is now proudly hold at Diamond Bar High School. Isaiah’s personal record and wins was undefeated this last season at the Palomares League. He won the 110HH at the 1st Annual UCLA Legends Meet (HS).

​​The skills he learned from you brought him to compete at the Nationals Competition. Although it was unfortunate that he got hurt during the CIF finals race, it is a fact that he can outrun a few of the competitors and we know for sure he could’ve qualified for the Masters and State. All these achievements that he was able to accomplished in High School will be very beneficial for him going to the next level -- College.

We are also grateful for the kindness and patience you showed Isaiah. When he said “I can’t”, you said, “you can”: When he said “I might lose”, you said, “go win”: When he said “I failed”, you said “well done”: When he is losing his confidence, you said, “I believe in you”. You’ve taught our son about commitment, perseverance and hope. Coach, you were an ever and present and will always be a reliable source of comfort and encouragement for Isaiah when he is impressionable and his self- esteem was/is fragile. Your reassurance will always be a voice in his head that he have what it takes to push on and be a “Champion”.

As parents, who only wants the best for their child is forever grateful to you. You are the “Best Hurdle Coach” and we are happy and humbled that you, Coach Holmes, a very well decorated Hurdle Coach/Athlete was able to mold our son into a Hurdle Athlete that he is today.

This is not goodbye Coach, just a little appreciation and a letter to say Isaiah will see you soon. He will continue to train with you at a college level….after all “You are his forever Coach”.

Keep an eye Coach, Isaiah is going to be a “Wildcat” at the University of Arizona.

With sincere gratitude.

Chris and Bella Austin

Coach Holmes​​​​,

The (LB Poly) coaches and I were very pleased at what you had done with Kenya in the short time you worked with her and the results were amazing.  Even though she didn't make it to the finals, she still fought after her mishap on hurdle 4. I am so glad Coach Keith mentioned you to me.  After I went to your website and read it from top to bottom, I was convinced "I could even hurdles!"  I knew then, we were going to train with a winner.  Not only did you show her how to hurdle, you actually "taught" her how to hurdle -- BIG DIFFERENCE...  

...I know I have two more sessions left on the books and when it's time to start up, we will definitely be heading out to Claremont for HHT training.  And I am just glad you were and wanted to work with my Princess.  As soon as it's time to start back up, I'll be giving you a call for our days and times.

Thanks again to the best hurdle coach this side of town!​​​

Kimberly Ball

​​​​​​My son started hurdling during his freshman year but was introduced to Coach Holmes the summer before his junior year. Not only is Coach Holmes an amazing Coach, he is also a great mentor and taught my son things not only about hurdling but life just in general.

​Since he is located in Claremont, Corona was a bit of a drive but after the first couple of training sessions and the amount of improvement my son was able to show, we knew it was worth the 40 minute drive 2 days a week.

​As my son’s track life became more competitive, his high school life did as well but Coach Holmes was a great motivator and preacher. During season, we quickly noticed my son’s times dropping tremendously and his technique perfecting.

​​One thing my son wanted to accomplish before graduating was to run under 40 seconds in his 300 hurdles and it eventually happened with the help of Coach Holmes.Now, my son will be running track at a Division 1 level at U.C.R. Words cannot describe how thankful we are as parents that we crossed paths with Coach Holmes.

Marinette Yamak
Corona, CA

Our daughter Malia started training with coach Holmes after her freshman year in high school. At the time we really didn’t know what to expect, but going to coach Holmes was one of the best decisions we made. With his help Malia become one of California’s top 300m hurdlers. Coach Holmes was awesome! His knowledge is second to none and most importantly he truly cares about his athletes! On behalf of my family, I want to thank coach for his hard work and dedication, for helping Malia reach her full potential not just on the track but also off it.

When our journey began, Malia was a very shy kid who really didn’t believe that she could compete at a high level. Coach Holmes had a plan and his workouts always emphasized Technique and Mental strength. ! Malia showed tremendous growth every season after. In her Sophomore season she advanced to CIF finals in the 300m hurdles just missing in advancing into Masters. The following season her Junior year, was truly amazing. Malia advanced to CIF finals in the 100m hurdles and qualified for the CIF STATE meet in the 300m hurdles. She finished 10th in the State. In her Senior year Malia had to overcome many injuries. Coach Holmes had the challenge of developing a plan that would keep her healthy and prepare her for the upcoming season. At the end of the season Malia was a State Finalist and finished 7th in the State. She was also named 2017 Female Track Athlete of the Year for the entire San Gabriel Valley.

We now look forward to the next chapter in Malia’s Academic / Track career. In the fall Malia will be attending Concordia University Irvine on a Track Scholarship! As we reflect on Malia’s high school track career, it just puts a smiles on all of our faces, we didn’t want it to end. It was an awesome ride and we enjoyed the journey. Once agai
n thank you coach Holmes for sharing your knowledge about a sport we all love and we enjoyed even more when you helped make Malia one of the BEST.

The Avila’s
Walnut, California​