HHT 5R's approach to HURDLING

The core of the HHT Hurdle program is derived form 4 very basic ideas.  Although simple, it's the manner in which the program is implemented that counts.

Hurdling is a rhythm event. The key is learning to control ones rhythm, while not getting ‘locked” into your opponent’s rhythm.

Learning to relax in the hurdles is a skill!  Without Relaxation a hurdler will NEVER reach their full time potential.

Random Heights & Distances
Training over random height & distances teaches a hurdler how to adjust to certain race situations, while learning to accelerate through a race.

Increasing the hurdler's reaction time (at higher rates of speed) is 'key" for the hurdler to graduate to the next level of their race. 

Hurdle technique done while the athlete is fatigued, only promotes bad habits. Rest and recovery is always taken into account with each hurdlers drills and workout plans.