A proud 1990 graduate of Fresno State University (B.A. in Communications), USA Track &Field Level 1 Certified and selected participant in the USATF Emerging Elite Coach Camp, Coach Holmes has had the rare opportunity to work and train with some of the best hurdlers in the sport. From Olympic medalists, national, collegiate and high school champions, Coach Holmes has had the unique access to learn, analyze and dissect hurdling information from hurdling's elite.

Coach Holmes considers himself as a “bread & butter” type of hurdler and says,
“Since I was not blessed with natural speed, I had to study the event of hurdling to be competitive -- this is where I gained my edge. I began my quest for hurdling knowledge my junior year of high school and -- to this day -- still crave to learn all I can about the event.”

​​One of the strongpoints of Coach Holmes’ abilities is, to take hurdlers who already possess the skills to hurdle and bringing out the very best in them.

“Hurdlers are CONSTANYLY in a state of development” states Coach Holmes. “I embrace the fact I have coached hurdlers who learned how to hurdle from others, but yet, have not been exposed to the necessary tools and technical coaching to take them to the national class, or, elite levels they desire. I provide them with those necessary tools, technical aspects and wisdom to assist each athlete reach their goals. The results speak for themselves!”



​​​​​Coach Holmes still competes at the Masters Track & Field level, allowing him the ability to “demonstrate” each aspect of his knowledge; allowing his students to see how a movement is done correctly. His athletic accomplishments include:

California State Meet finalist 1985

Conference Champion & 2 x Cal JC State Meet finalist

Team Captain & American River Junior College 110 HH Record Holder

Team Captain & Conference Champion, 110HH – Fresno State (#5 all time)

2 x USATF U.S Masters 110HH Champion (World Ranked #1, 2003)

USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified Coach

USA Track & Field Registry Approved Coach

​​Selected participant in the USATF Emerging Elite Coach Camp


“Learning the hurdles offers great lessons for life. Life will throw many barriers within our path, but if we stay focused, practice and apply what we’ve learned, we will only improve ourselves & our lives for the better!”

Richard Holmes - Owner, HHT