HHT Rates
"In life, you get what you pay for.”
                                                                                                        -Someone much wiser than me
HHT rates are divided into One-on-One, Group and Large Group sessions. To get the most instruction and undivided attention from Coach Holmes , the One-on-One is suggested for first 2-3 introduction session. Sessions are one hour in length, so please arrive 15 minutes before to get a proper warm up.
Single One-on-one sessions $140.00 / session
Bundle One-on-one $120.00 / session
Pre-pay 5 sessions
(Total = $600.00)
Group rate – single session $100.00 / session
(2 athletes, no more than 3 athletes, rate is per athlete)
Group rate Bundle $80.00 / session
Pre-pay 5 sessions Total = $400
(2 athletes, no more than 3 athletes, rate is per athlete)
Large Group rate Negotiated Rate
(Track, Soccer & Baseball teams, etc., per athlete)
Weekly workouts - via email $40.00 / week
(must pre-pay in advance)
One on one via Skype $100.00 / 45 min. session
(must pre-pay in advance)

Video Analysis & 30 minute video session to discuss / $70.00​​

Coach The Coach Session $350
(Spend 2 hours to work with C​oach Holmes to learn his approach to coaching the hurdles)​​

Personal Private Coach(Full Season) / Negotiated Retainer Required
(contact for details)

*Rates subject to change without notice
**If traveling to your site in Southern California, please add $70.00 for travel expenses
***HHT Instructors carry liability insurance***